Skilled Handling of Palm Beach, Broward and Jupiter Plumbing Emergencies

Emergency Plumbing service at no direct cost!

A leading Jupiter plumbing and restoration company, AZ Restoration is well aware that a plumbing leak is something we are never prepared for - both its physical consequences and its financial impact. Your home budget does not have a "repair plumbing leak" line item and that additional expense can be a major problem!Pluming service

The cost of repairs will mostly depend on the extent of the job at hand and on how long it takes to finish. Other factors that come into play include the parts replaced, travel time, and whether a journeyman, master plumber, or foreman will do the work.

The hourly rates charged for the emergency plumbing Palm Beach and Broward companies offer are often higher than non-emergency rates. This is largely because plumbers working outside regular business hours usually deliver the kind of plumbing Jupiter, FL property owners need during emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime - at night, on weekends, and even during national holidays.

The good news is our emergency plumbing service for all types of water leaks is performed at no direct cost to you! Most homeowners are not aware that your home insurance policy covers emergency plumbing repairs! Even though it is covered by insurance, homeowners may have to pay for it and wait weeks - maybe months - to get their money from the insurance company. Most companies that provide the kind of plumbing Jupiter, FL and nearby areas need do not work directly with insurance companies.

AZ Restoration will pay the plumber for you! We will pay the emergency repair bill to the plumber (either from our network or your own) and bill it to your insurance company on your behalf. This results in no costs to you for the best plumbing Palm Beach and Broward have to offer!

Don't delay - call us now! We will help you find a reliable Jupiter plumbing company near you, get your leak fixed, and clean up the mess in no time.

Call us now if you have a water line break, a water filter leak, a washing machine leak, dishwasher leak, toilet leak, refrigerator leak, hot water heater leak, shower leak, tub leak, sink leak, kitchen leak, sewer backup, ice maker leak, or any other plumbing issue.

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

24 hr emergency plumbing service Toll Free (855) 429-7378

* AZ Restoration will pay your plumbing bill for the emergency repairs and re-bill your homeowners insurance. Homeowner must be present at time of service, provide insurance policy information, and agree to use AZ Restoration for cleanup and drying service. All of AZ Restoration services are direct bill to insurance carriers, should the homeowner decline to file a claim or the claim is denied, payment for services will be billed to the homeowner. Some more extensive plumbing repairs may not be covered. Contact our representative for information.