Water Damage

The most common & frequent hazard affecting properties is water. Buildings are designed to keep water out or contain them inside the building systems, such as plumbing or air conditioning. When a building's plumbing fails or air conditioning systems break down we end up with moisture where it doesn't belong, leading to the kind of water damage Jupiter and nearby areas worry about. The same applies to a building envelope failure, whether from a leaking window or roof, water penetrates into the building. The materials inside our buildings are, for the most part, not designed to handle the excess moisture, and they will begin to warp or deteriorate quickly.

There are two basic kinds of water losses separated based on the source of the water, Clean or Black. Clean water may come from a water supply line while Black water comes from a contaminated source like a sewer or drain line.

Mold The kind of water damage Palm Beach property owners seek to prevent can, if not dealt with, turn into a health hazard by elevating mold growth. Mold is everywhere, it is in the air outside, on plants and even in our homes. As humans our bodies can, for the most part, handle some mold but when larger quantities are present it begins to affect our respiratory systems.

Mold needs help to grow, it needs organic materials and moisture. Our homes contain many organic materials from wood to drywall to carpets and the added moisture from a water loss starts the accelerated mold growth process. This process typically will not be in full effect until 48-72 hrs after the moisture shows up. This is a critical time to get the materials dry before mold growth starts!

Service truck

AZ Restoration Emergency Response Team will contain the damage and restore your property quickly and efficiently.To deal with the type of water damage Jupiter and nearby areas seek to avoid, we utilize the latest equipment and technology for drying in place eliminating the need for expensive and agonizing


Secondary damage

The keys to effective drying:

1. Quick response

2. Identify Hidden affected areas

3. Proper drying plan

4. Proper monitoring

5. Minimal to no damage to property!

When areas such as sub floors and wall bases are not properly dried, secondary damage will appear days sometimes weeks after the surface has been dried using proper detection and monitoring devices will prevent delayed secondary damages. To prevent the secondary water damage Palm Beach property owners dread, call AZ Restoration today!