Who do I call first in case of a loss?

When a loss of any kind occurs - such as the kind of fire, smoke, or flood damage Palm Beach property owners want to prevent - the first step is always to stop the source, call the fire department the plumber or repairman. If you are able to do it yourself document the source using pictures or video. In case of fire call the fire department even if you think you have put out the fire there may be a hidden burn somewhere. Next you call AZ Restoration and get our emergency service dispatched to secure and cleanup your property, while we are in route call your insurance carrier and report the loss.

Will my insurance pay for the plumber?

Most policies do not cover repair bills however some services will be covered. An emergency call to identify the source and isolate disconnect or shut it off to prevent further damage is typically a covered expense under your policy. The actual repair is not covered however the damaged caused by the loss as well as any damage done by the repair is typically covered.

We cannot afford the plumber what do we do?

If your house has the kind of water or flood damage Palm Beach homeowners seek to avoid at all costs, you must act as soon as the loss occurs. If you delay you risk denial from your insurance on the claim. If you cannot afford the water damage restoration Palm Beach contractors offer, please contact AZ Restoration - we can help! AZ Restoration will pay your emergency service bill on your behalf and will direct bill your insurance carrier for the covered portion and will be able to offer payment terms on the balance.

Why do I need a restoration contractor? I can clean up myself.

Cleanup from a loss is a lot more complicated than meets the eye! Sewage related damages carry dangerous contaminants picking up water with rags is simply not enough. Water will penetrate well below the surface getting behind walls and under floors if left there will accelerate mold growth which can remain undetected on the surface but can cause major health issues. This type of secondary damage is usually excluded from coverage and is very costly.

Calling AZ Restoration will complete your obligations under your policy and will prevent your insurance company from denying coverage due to improper loss mitigation.

Restoration companies charge 1000's of dollars to put fans in my house why?

There are some "restoration contractors" that are not well equipped or trained for proper drying or cleaning. AZ Restoration is equipped with all the latest technology for identifying, drying and monitoring moisture in any type of structure. These tools and our extensive training and experience will ensure we dry quickly and efficiently.

Does AZ Restoration remove any drywall or other materials from my house?

For the kind of water damage restoration Palm Beach homeowners need, AZ Restoration service crews are instructed to dry first remove later. When a loss first occurs it may seem like everything it touched is destroyed, that is not the case! With proper drying techniques and equipment most materials can be salvaged which is why AZ Restoration attempts to limit removal of materials until after they are dry to allow the homeowner to make those decisions.

What would it cost me for a typical service call?

AZ Restoration bills your insurance company directly at no cost to you and most insurance companies do not apply deductibles to our bills. All we need is your policy information. Unlike most restoration contractors AZ Restoration provides an upfront estimate for our service.